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Gilbert is a great place to live and prosper, boasting a low unemployment rate, low crime rates, and top performing school districts. On average, Gilbert has some of the newest homes in the nation. Buyers looking for new construction will have many options available.

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Chandler Az.

One of the most vibrant and modern cities in the Phoenix valley, Chandler has a rich history in
agriculture dating back over 100 years. In addition to farm products common today, ostriches were raised for their feathers to provide the plumes popular in women’s hats. The demand
eventually ebbed but Chandler’s ostrich legacy is commemorated annually with an Ostrich Festival.

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Mesa, at 133 sq. miles and nearly 500,000 residents, is the third largest city in Arizona. It is a vast city with many neighborhoods to fit every preference. There are also many options for entertainment including the Arizona Museum of Natural History, the IDEA Museum for children and the Riverview, a regional open-air dining, shopping, and entertainment center. Mesa’s innovative Downtown offers an art-centered, eclectic blend of both old and new. 

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