August Stats!

August Stats!
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Monthly Sales

Sales are up +3.3% of +3.4%.month-over-month.
The year-over-year comparison shows an increase

New Inventory

New inventory is up+10.3% month-over-month.
While the year-over-year comparison shows an increase of +4.7%.

Total  Inventory

Total inventory has a month-over-month decrease
of -0.4% while year-over-year reflects a decrease of -9.4%

Months Supply of Inventory

Months supply of inventory for July was 2.74
with August at 2.65

New List Prices

Average new list prices
are up +7.2% year-overyear.
The year-over-year
median is up +6.7%.

Sales Prices

The average sales price
is up +8.3% year-over-year
while the year-over-year
the median sales price
is also up +6.5%.

Average Days on Market

Days on market were
down -10 days year-over-year
while month-over-month increased
+1 days

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