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After an interesting chat this morning with someone about great Philly cheesesteaks, I’m now craving one.  For the sake of our impending summer and perfect swimming pool weather I won’t indulge, but I can write about them!

While I work all over the valley, I tend to dine closer to my office in the SE Valley.  I’ve found two places I find to be worthy of the calories.  They’re different, so the choice is really which flavor and location suits you.

If you want a “real” Philly cheese, then Philly’s Famous in Chandler is the place you want to go.  One of the partners is from Philly and their ingredients are flown in from Philadelphia, including the infamous Amoroso bread.

If you don’t know what Amoroso bread is, then you’ve missed out.  Amoroso bread has been a family business for over a century, baking and shipping their fresh bread around the world to those who demand absolute authenticity.  The bread is”Hearth-Baked”, meaning the bread and rolls are never put in a pan so they can “free form” the own shape and “personality”.  They are the authentic bread of a Philly cheesesteak.


This restaurant is small with no frills counter service, but the food is amazing.  It can get really loud at the grill while they cook the wafer thin steak or chicken and chop in your choice of ingredients – onions, peppers, mushrooms, sauce and your cheese of choice. If you want your Philly with whiz, then they have that too.  You’ll need to ask for it or they will probably give you cheddar instead.  Don’t forget to ask for the red sauce!  It’s not hot but it adds a great flavor to your sandwich.There are a couple places to eat outside or they will be happy to wrap it up for you to go.

Since our hot summer is on its way, they have great hoagies too, with all the fresh toppings you desire, such as pastrami, ham, tuna and turkey, each hoagie topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a must on a hoagie, special oils and spices.

If you want something further west, or a little quieter, then Forefathers  in Tempe is the place to go!  While I don’t believe they are originally from Philly, they know how to make a darn good sandwich…and soup….and salads.


My husband always goes for the Philly cheesesteak loaded with onions and peppers.  Their fries are coated and go perfectly with their yummy fry sauce.  What they’don’t have is the red sauce, but the flavors and spices are good enough that you probably won’t miss it.

I enjoy their steak and chicken phillys, but it’s nice to try new things and have healthier options to choose from. Their tomato basil soup is seriously good and the combo with half salad is perfect, especially with their delish salad dressing options of Tomato Parmesan Vinaigrette, Adobo Chile Vinaigrette, Spicy Blue Cheese, Jalapeño Cilantro Ranch and even regular Ranch for the less adventurous. My personal favorite is the Jalapeño Ranch but it’s nice to switch it up from time to time.

If you head out to either one, let me know your thoughts! Better yet, go to both and let me know which one you like the best. Hopefully you will enjoy it as much as we do.

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