The Dirt on Septic Tank Owners

July 25, 2019
Septic tanks are common in rural areas, though depending on where you live, you might have a septic system, even close to town. So long as things are going smoothly, it’s often difficult to tell that there is even a septic system in place. If your septic tank starts ...

Making the Down Sizing Process Go Smoothly for Seniors

March 15, 2019
Downsizing is never an easy task for seniors. For an older adult, having to downsize is a tacit admission that circumstances have changed and they need help with activities of daily living. It’s often with great reluctance that seniors look on downsizing, or they avoid it altogether.

Discounts for Teachers, Military and First Responder

April 23, 2016
Growing up in a military family has given me deep respect for those who enlist and serve.  My Dad and one brother were in the Air Force, two other brothers in the Marines,  and my fourth brother in the Army.  I’ll never forget the first time one of my brothers was ...

A Taste of Philly in Arizona

April 21, 2016
After an interesting chat this morning with someone about great Philly cheesesteaks, I’m now craving one.  For the sake of our impending summer and perfect swimming pool weather I won’t indulge, but I can write about them!

Burger reccomendations from the Burger Miester

November 19, 2015
As many of you know, my husband is fondly called the Burger Miester. The man could eat a burger 2 times a day and be happy, as long as it’s a “good” burger. According to the Burgermsn, it’s not about the toppings, it’s about the meat and bun. You ...

How Should Nonmilitary Celebrate Veterans Days?

November 11, 2015
I sit here wanting to write about Veterans Day but find myself at a loss. How do can I begin to discuss something that only those who have survived can understand? Do I make it simple and share the history of Veteran’s Day? Or share how Veteran’s Day came ...

Why is REALTOR® in all capital letters?

October 16, 2015
My husband asks me about this because he doesn’t like the flow of having a capital word “yelling” at someone in the middle of a document. Don’t worry, in real life I’m not the yelling type. I’m more of a slow simmer, take deep breaths and logic it through ...

Cooling Off at Petersen’s in the Gilbert Heritage District

October 13, 2015
Now that the temperatures have cooled off enough that you can order ice cream and not have it turn into soup before you get the spoon to your mouth, we decided it’s time to step into Petersen’s in the Gilbert Heritage District.

About The Author

October 2, 2015
Before getting into a business relationship with someone, people learn as much as they can about that person. They research to see if they have similar goals, are reliable, have the financial means they need to follow through on their obligations and most important, can they be trusted.